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Founded in 1988, Xiamen RF Communication Electronic Technology Company, LTD. has become one of the largest electronic components distributors in China with a history of more than 25 years. Before 2000, our business mainly focus on Long-Range Cordless Telephones, Handheld Transceiver, Handsets, Walkie Talkie Sets ,Mobile Radio, Telecom Products, Main Station/Base Station and Sub Main Station, etc. Since 2000, we expand our business in RF/Microwave Communication Products, Microwave Electronics Components, RF power transistors, Test equipment and instruments, High Frequency 50ohm Calibration Loads ,Guard Against Products, Switch Power, High Frequency Connection, Multi-Use switch Power and DC-DC Module Power, Power Amplification,3G/4G/LTE/ GSM/CDMA/TDMA/PHS's Parts, etc.   
We specializes in stocking RF & Microwave Coaxial Connectors, Adapters, Components, Cable Assemblies, Test-Pro cables, SilverLine® Test Cables, Attenuators, Terminators, and Custom / build to order coaxial cable assemblies. We stock SMA, SMB, GPO / GPPO, G3PO, GMS SMP, SMP, SMPM, / SSMP, GMS, Type N & Type F, TNC, BNC, MCX / MMCX, QMA, 2.9mm & 1.85mm PkZ, 3.5mm, 2.4mm, 2.9mm, 1.85mm, microwave low loss cable, Ultra Low Loss cable, T-Flex cable, LMR cables, RG Cables, Conformable cable, Semi-Rigid cable, SilverLine test products, Test Pro cables, Adapters, Attenuators, Bias tees, Terminations Loads, Power Dividers, Couplers, Lightning Surge Protectors, Isolators, Circulators, Switches, Calibration Kits, DC Blocks, Detectors, Hybrid Couplers, Opens, Sorts, Dust Caps, Phase Adjuster Trimmers, Fiber Optic Trunk cables, Microwave test Equipment, Tools (to name just a few), by well-known manufacturers: Corning Gilbert, Radiall / AEP, Anritsu,Emerson / Semflex, XMA - Omni Spectra, Amphenol/Connex, Santron, Connectronics, DiTom Microwave Inc., RF Industries, PCI, Harbour,Haverhill cable, Times Microwave, Phoenix of Chicago,MECA, Molex RF, Tempflex & others. Our products cover MHz, GHz, & Millimeter Wave frequencies.
Our mission is to supply the RF communications market with RF equipment and supplies that will enable the RF professional to complete the highest quality applications. We supply in to all aspects of the RF communications markets.
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