6150 or 6110 Cordless Telephone
Model Number: 001

1. CAD design,exquisite manufacture and thunder-proof function ensure the
stable function.
2. MCU control, 100,000 duplex security code performance
3. FSK/DTMF auto compatible caller ID
4. Large LCD displays all operational functions
5. Clock display, alarm, talk time count and inquiry
6. Tone/pulse selection
7. Power-saving mode and long standby time
8. Long distance lock, keypad lock and sending by any key
9. Voice and light alert when battery is low
Communication range: more than 18km in open area

Technical Data
一、Emission: Base station Handset
Antenna impedance: 50Ω 50Ω
Residual wave Radiation: 60dB 60dB
Emission Current: 1000mA 500mA
Frequency Deviation: 5KHz 5KHz
Receiver: Base station Handset
Sensitivity: 0.25uV 0.25uV
Expect Current: 60mA 20mA
Anti jamming: 70dB 70dB
Rated Voltage(DC): 12-15V 4.8V
Distance of communication(in open space): 18km
Volume: 245 x 165x 46mm 110 x 46 x 24mm
Weight: 1800g 368g