600LCD long-range cordless telephone
Model Number: 003

Main Functions and Fcatures
1. Appearance of Samsung 600.
2. Controlled by microcontroller.
3. CID (Optional).
4. LCD display.
5. Time Clock
6. Alam Clock.
7. Timer.
8. 20 groups of received number and 20groups of missed numbers to be stored and speed dialed.
9. The last 8 grorps of numbers dialed to be stored and speed redialed.
10.10 groups of numbers to be stored and redialed.
11.DTMF/Pulse dailing mode.
12.Low battery alert and indicator.
13.Power-saving function.
14.Long-distance Call Lock.
15.Keyped Lock.
16.Any Key Sending.
17.100 thousand groups of two-way security codes.

Keys and lcd of Handset
1. On Stand-by Indicator Light.
2. Sending Indicator.
3. Keypad Lock Indicator.
4. On Stand-by Indicator.
5. Battery Power Indicator.
6. Menu Indicator.
7. Memory Indicator.
8. Function Key.
9. Intcom Key.
10.Storage Key/Getting Key.
11.Sending Key.
12.Ending Key/Power Switch/Clearing Key.

Technical Data
一、Emission: Base station Handset
Antenna impedance: 50Ω 50Ω
Residual wave Radiation: 60dB 60dB
Emission Current: 1000mA 500mA
Frequency Deviation: 5KHz 5KHz
Receiver: Base station Handset
Sensitivity: 0.25uV 0.25uV
Expect Current: 60mA 20mA
Anti jamming: 70dB 70dB
Rated Voltage(DC): 12-15V 4.8V
Distance of communication(in open space): 18km
Volume: 280 x 200 x 60mm 150 x 60 x 36mm
Weight: 2000g 380g