Double Bases

1. Super-long distance, 48km in open areas.
2. Several extensions are available.
3. Base can have a mobile handset.
4. Frequency range: 130-138MHZ 225-238MHZ
5. Two-way security code: Safe and protects against thievery.
6. Applications: islands, boundaries, mines, jungles, mountains, farms, country-side.
7. Dimensions: Base 245 x 165 x 46mm Sub-base 245 x 165 x 46mm



室外天线 ф5 馈线
  电话线 主机外接电源
Technical information:
Emission pattern base sub-base
Antenna impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Residual Rediation 60dB 60dB
Emission Current 1000mA 1000mA
Frequency Current 5KHz 5KHz
Receiver pattern base sub-base
Sensitivety(dual) 0.25uV 0.25uV
Stand-by Current 60mA 60mA
unti jam 70dB 70dB
Rated Voltage(DC) 12V-15V 12V-15V
Distance of conmmunication(in open space) 30Km-60Km
volume 260x260x60mm 260x260x60mm
weight 3300g 3000g
Note:AC Voltage of Base and Sub-base:200V-240V